CS Impressed

Percussion Cap Box


Description and Photograph





     Confederate accoutrements displaying the CS impressment are exceedingly rare.  Confederate manufacturers were more concerned with functionality than appearance.  However, the modern Confederate collector places a substantial premium on original CS marked accoutrements such as the one pictured here.

     The back, front flap and closure tab are all cut from a single piece of leather.  The body is made of pressed leather.  The inner flap and end tabs are made of leather.  The closing finial is made of turned wood.  With the exception that there are several cracks in the belt loop which are shown in the pictures, the box is perfect.  The belt loop is not fragile or in danger of continued deterioration.

     The box is strong, soft and flexible.  The box is completely original and with the exception of a few stitches in one tab, the stitching remains tight and strong; even the latch tab is strong and unbroken.  It is in such remarkably fine condition, with the exception of the aforementioned belt loop, it could be used today without fear of breakage.

     It has an exceptionally clear CS imprimatur; so good in fact that it was used as the example on page 81 of Collecting the Confederacy and comes with an autographed copy of that publication.

     To give you some idea of the rarity of these CS impressed boxes, I cite the book above, it was published in 2005 and the photographs were taken over a period of eight years prior to 2005, yet in the 13 plus years since this box was photographed for inclusion in the book, I have only encountered two (that were not in relic condition) of this rare pattern for sale at any price.  As it relates to condition, one was a little better than this one, and one was a little worse.

     This example has a beautiful surface, without any flaking, which is why the impressment remains so crisp and clear.  The latch tab is complete and is not even weak; in fact it is so good that it can be fastened with ease and confidence.  The highly desirable wooden finial is in perfect condition.

     These are extremely rare in any condition; to find one in this condition is extraordinary.




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