Confederate Bowie Knife


Description and Photograph




     The pictures do a poor job of conveying the massive size of this eighteen inch long Confederate Bowie knife. 

     The maker of this knife is unknown; however his workmanship and especially his design show him to be skilled in the art of knife making.  The wooden grip found on his knife is tapered out towards the pommel; this has the effect of tightening the owner’s grip on the handle, rather than loosening it, when swinging the blade.  This is especially important in a fighting knife, and the spear point blade is strictly a fighting/military design; it is virtually useless as a carving or hunting knife.  What is most distinctive about this maker’s knife is the heavy forged iron pommel. 

     His scabbard is as stoutly made as his blade and would easily withstand the rigors of the field.  It is made of wood, with a leather cover.  A throat was originally pinned to the top of the scabbard, probably made of tin.  The leather cover is made of a single folded piece of heavy weight leather stitched along one side from toe to throat.  The stitching remains exceptionally strong and tight.  Large script initials, “R S W” are scratched into the face and below that the owner’s name, but I can only positively make out the first: “Richard”.  The rest can be seen well enough to be tantalizing, but I have so far been unable to make it out.

     With the exception of the missing tin throat the scabbard is in excellent condition and the knife is flawless!  




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