Virginia CS Belt   


Description and Photograph





    This is rare officer’s variant of the “Virginia” pattern CS two piece buckle.  These are sometimes gilted, but this one never was, which allowed it to take on an exquisite patina.  The buckle is perfect in all regards and as the pictures show, it would be well-nigh impossible to find a more attractive patina. 

     The buckle is mounted on a belt consisting of a fine patent leather outer shell designed for beauty, wrapped around a web belt (probably flax) designed to give it the strength necessary to carry a sword and a revolver.  There are no stitch lines showing where the hangers were placed, thereby showing that it once utilized slide on sword hangers.  There is a remnant of the flap that protected the officer’s uniform from being scuffed by the buckle.  

     The belt is in extraordinarily good condition; with the exception of a few small chips, the leather remains complete, and what is more impressive is that the belt’s surface still retains its patent leather sheen.  The belt is strong and supple enough to mount on a mannequin.  

     This is the best of the best, flawless!




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