"Texas"Star, McClellan Pommel Holsters


Description and Photograph




     The pair of Confederate pommel holsters shown here is one of the rarest accoutrements from the War.  They are Colt Army sized holsters made to fit over the pommel of a McClellan style military saddle.  Colonel John Mosby was using a pair of pommel holsters when a prisoner stole his horse and escaped with his pair of Colt Army pistols, holsters, saddle, blanket and valise.

    This pair is in beautiful condition, their only flaw being that one flap tongue is broken.  They are strong and supple enough to actually put pistols back in them and hang them on your saddle.

     These have a prominent star that has the central point in the down position.  This is contrary to the way we view the star today, but often during the War period star devices intended for Texans were often made with the star pointing down; ones made for Mississippians were made with the star pointing up.  I have found by studying Texas flags and photography that the Texans usually viewed the star with the point down; pointing to Bethlehem or to Texas herself!  However, I am a stickler for accuracy so I will not claim unequivocally that I know these are Texas, but I do believe them to be.  What I can say unequivocally is that these are one rare pattern and in fantastic condition; none could possibly work better in a Texas Cavalry display.




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